You will need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • pencil;
  • - colors.
  • eraser.
Draw a horizontal line slightly below the middle of the sheet. It will mark the horizon. Make this line a little wider and then blend it. Above the horizon, draw the sun in the form of a large semicircle. Fill it with yellow paint. Then a little stonerose the lower part of the semicircle a light orange tint.
Draw the reflection of the sun. To do this, draw an elongated half-circle with a wavy edge on the bottom of the horizon. Paint it in yellow. Then add the orange horizontal line from the middle of the reflection to its upper edge. Each time draw the lines closer to each other. In the upper part they should amalgamate.
Then fill the sky with bright orange. Taking light orange paint, draw a barely visible hazy clouds. The water color to crimson-red color. Finally add the black silhouette of a sailboat and its reflection.
To draw a landscape with the sun almost dipping below the horizon as follows. Determine the location of the horizon on a sheet of paper. Sketch the silhouette of the distant rocky shore. The line of the shore paint thinner in the middle. The reflection of the shore must be a little vague. Paint the silhouette with black paint.
Then draw a semicircle in the middle part of the sheet over the silhouette of the far shore. Paint it a dark pink paint. The upper edge of the sun's semicircle stonerose peach shade. Draw a second semicircle down from the coastline. It needs to mirror the sun. Make the reflection of light orange and a little blend.
Then, taking yellow paint, draw two curved stripes at the top over the sun and under its reflection. Your drawing should begin to resemble the eye in which the pupil plays the role of the sun, and the role of age perform a yellow arc.
Next, draw two orange stripes next to yellow. After the orange and blue. The rest of the space complete with dark blue paint. Blend drawn to this color bars. Complete the drawing by adding silhouettes of two palm trees. Place them on the edges of the image.