Often you notice that the relationship with the girlfriend was great until then, until you got married, or bought myself a stylish coat, or met a great guy. What happens? Why such a long and strong friendship disintegrates under the impact of these situations?
To answer these questions, it is necessary to know the psychology of women. Whatever gold they did not possess, but so laid that the welfare of others does not give them rest. There are only women who understand this is a destructive feeling and trying to hide it deep inside, not pull out.
They may not be jealous closest friend about her accomplishments or acquisitions. Or comfort yourself with the comparisons, saying that you have one, they have more. Because different person has their own values. Someone closer to the material comfort, some emotional. If your friend from this category, then the relationship violates nothing, your friendship continues.
And if the girl falls into a rage every time your new purchase, gives critical remarks about your next boyfriend criticizes your progress in learning foreign languages, there is the opposite case. So she can not hide the envy and irritation about your successes. And here different variants are possible.
Or girlfriend will try to hide their jealousy, but you'll notice how it changes in the face with your every word about their achievements. Therefore, if you are still satisfied with this friendship, you will have less in the future to share with her their successes and pleasant moments.
May be some friend, envy which will result in horrible things. They will try to break you guys up with a new friend, tell him different shit, I can tell you about the history of mutual acquaintance. Therefore, consider whether to continue such a relationship on. Better to break all the ties of friendship with this imaginary friend.
Well, if your girlfriend can support you at any time learn about your problems, immediately offer their help, sincerely Express you my opinion about a particular your thing, you know, her attitude towards you is reputable. And take care of a friend.