You will need
  • the computer with Windows.
The first method to be considered suitable in that case, if you remove Daemon tools or Alcohol were left on the system, virtual disks, and you want to remove them from there. So, hit "start" and go to "control Panel". Find administrative tools and click on it with the left mouse button. In the opened window locate the component "computer Management". In the new window, click on the component "device Manager".
A new window will appear, which will list all connected to the computer devices. In this window find the line "DVD/CD discsodes. Next to the line is an arrow. Click on it with the left mouse button, which opens a list of all drives (physical and virtual) that are on this computer.
Click on the virtual drive you want to remove, right-click. A context menu will appear, in which, respectively, select the Delete command. The virtual disk will be removed from your computer. After this is completed, close all open Windows and restart the computer.
If you need to just temporarily disable a virtual disk without its complete removal from the system, you need to act. Click on the icon of any of the drives that are installed on your computer, right-click. Then in context menu choose "Properties". In the ensuing window go to the tab "Equipment". Now in the "All drives", click on the desired virtual disk with the left mouse button. Then from the bottom of the window, click "Properties". Will appear another window in which you select the tab "Driver". Then click "Disable". A dialog box POPs up stating shutdown the selected device by clicking "Yes". After that the device will be disabled.