Deleting a virtual disk from the console does not delete the file. If the virtual disk you want to remove more you need and the information that it contains, you need to save, you can delete the virtual disk file (VHD) from your computer manually. Also, if necessary, you can just disable the virtual drive.
Deleting a virtual disk from the iSCSI software target console (Microsoft). For example, you need to delete the virtual disk iSCSI software target console (Microsoft). We need to have the following stages:

In the console tree, select Microsoft iSCSI Devices.

In the results pane, right-click the virtual disk that you want to delete and select "Delete virtual disk".

To confirm the deletion, click Yes.
To implement these objectives, it is necessary that your membership in the local Administrators group.

In order to access component "iSCSI target application", go to "start" and then go to "Administration".

Make a selection of your choice on the "Microsoft iSCSI software target".
There is another way to open the "iSCSI Software target": for this you need to press the "start" button, select "Run" and enter iscsitarget.msc.
There are also other programs for removal drives such as Alcohol 120%, Nero. What are up to you, but you have to select the program which you created a virtual disk that you want to delete.