Tune in a million. Some spiritual practices say that this is the most difficult. Feel like a million already in your Bank account. If you can't tune with a millionrooms, attach mystical powers. For this you need to sew of cloth of gold "magic" bag and put a note with the desire to win a million. The bag needs to be put in the corner of wealth to make sure it worked. Domestic spiritual practices argue that the money needs to show the moon rising, and if she can hear you, you can be sure you will win a million!
Go to specifics. Look for places where you can win a million. One option is the Internet which offers various games and quizzes, but it's for gamblers. Here either sink or swim. You can not only win, but to lose.
Test your luck. Maybe it's your primary natural quality. Good luck, you can test taking part in any lottery. If you are lucky, try to increase bets, if not, read on.
Carefully consider your talents, they have each. Maybe you masterfully embroidered with a cross or write exciting stories. Involved in modeling or would like to learn to dance. Think that you could get the reward that you are doing better than others. For each activity there are contests with prizes. Count how many contests will need to win to get a million and firmly go to the planned purpose.
Think in advance what you would like to spend the money. Remember that when a person has a lot of money changing his life. There are obligations to others. As it should weigh all the "pros" and "cons" of a big win.