Fans of sporting events certainly aware of the opportunity to earn while watching games of their favourite team. Bookmakers you can bet on almost any significant sports (and not only) events. On the Internet there are many virtual representations of all known bookmakers - Marathon, Baltbet, Leonbet, BWIN and others. The odds for the same event may vary slightly in different offices. But due to the fact that you are betting sitting at a computer — too hard to choose the most beneficial factor you will not be. Betting on the favorite a particular match you can win 150-200% of your bets. The minimum bet is typically of the order of 20-50 RUB.

However, it should warn fans of easy money that regular big awards newcomer should not count. Bookmakers experienced professionals, and their profits, they get in all outcomes. But inexperienced players run the risk to make a dent in the family budget. Order in the medium and long term to win money in betting offices, it is necessary to study a lot of information — strategies, specifics of sport, the current state of teams and players. All this takes time. Until you gain experience do not make big bets and try to diversify the risks (put on a few events).
Quite a large amount you can win on parlays. If you guess the outcome exclusively of all the events that place, the odds will be multiplied together, not stacked, as in ordinary betting. However, the risk of injury increases.

Some players use the capper (professional players). The fun is not cheap, and to find the real capper, and not a fraud quite difficult. It is therefore necessary the most balanced approach to the choice of the person you are going to trust their money.

Virtual casino

Not so long ago to spin the wheel was in the evening in one of the venues, but now the casino was in Russia under a ban. However, the Internet has a lot of game sites where you can win money online. Under the ban, the company does not fall due to the fact that is registered outside the Russian Federation. To win money in the virtual casino, of course, possible, but delusion is not worth it. To gamble and lose a large amount of really like in a conventional casino. So you need to games to objectively calculate their potential. As for specific companies that offer users to try your luck, it "Volcano", "Europe Casino", "Goldfishka" and many others.
To play casino online, you need a virtual wallet or a plastic card with an online Bank.


On the Internet you can win money by playing bingo. Remotely buy a lottery ticket "Russian Lotto", "Lotto Fun", "Your Lotto" or any other lottery and wait for the draw. The probability of winning are minimal, however, as in if you buy a lottery ticket in the street kiosk.