When and how to walk with a newborn?

It is clear that in the early days you will be scared even to perepelenat or bathe the baby, not to mention to come out with crumbs on the street. Better leave your fears at home and go for a walk with the baby.

And most importantly – don't wait walk for tomorrow. Walking with a newborn can and should start immediately after coming home. It is not necessary to sit for a month at home waiting for something to happen. Child always need fresh air. Every day! But be reasonable. No need to go for a walk with a newborn, if there's a Blizzard, rain or strong wind. The baby instantly ill. If the street is Sunny and windless, now get dressed and go.

So, how to walk with a newborn?

To carry a child on the street for a long time is not necessary. Let your first walk will be only 5 minutes. No more. This is especially true of "winter" babies. A 5-minute tiny tot, it is time to breath fresh air so hard to sleep after walking a couple of hours.

If the child was born in the summer, you can, and should, increase the walking time. Do not sit at home in the sweltering heat, when it's +30°C. But do not get carried away. A newborn is a newborn. And accustomed to walking are advised to gradually.

For example, today is the first day you went outside for 5 minutes. Well done! Great start! Let tomorrow your walk with a newborn lasts 7 minutes. And the next day – as many as 10. So you get to half an hour. Then you can safely add 5-10 minutes daily. This is the perfect option for those mothers, children whose were born in the cold season.

"Summer" babies, of course, luck. Their walk will be longer with the first days of life. But try also to walk with a newborn at the time. At least the first month. Start with 10 minutes. And every day add another 5-10.

While walking the baby will always sleep. This will continue until about two months. You will notice that as he found himself on the street, the little one calmly drift off in the stroller after a few minutes. And you will look at him as the mother, dear and beloved man in the whole world. And it's great!