If your home has good Central heating or boiler, home closet baby should not differ from the clothes of a newborn at a different time of the year. But if you have a cool home, it is necessary for the child to wear exactly one thing more than it is now for you. For example, if you have the turtleneck and sweat pants, baby wear t-shirt, flannel warm Romper and jacket with cap.
Clothes for festivities, consider much more carefully, because the newborn in the first three months of life, walking on the street, asleep, without much movements.
Before going out in the first place protect from cold and frost the baby's head. It is best to wear a warm hat that resembles a helmet to the ears of the infant were also closed. Except for the head keep your legs and hands as small children they are very rapidly cooled.
Newborn baby dressed in a diaper and a light cotton jumpsuit, is to swaddle in two diapers: one is cotton and the second warm flannel. Now wrap it in flannel blanket, wrapped head also, and put in fur envelope. Best suited one that will be tightened around the face in the form of a hood.
Under the baby's head put a small pillow to galoa was not below the body due to the large number of diapers and clothes that dressed the newborn. In the summer, this cushion baby doesn't need.
Also remember, when wear newborn for a walk, it is better not to use things with buttons on the back zipper should not hit the child's skin, all labels and the labels must be cut and the clothes on the child should sit loose to it can easily move and breathe.
Now you can enjoy a winter walk without fear that your newborn baby will freeze and get sick.