Try to phrase the desire in a positive way to benefiting you, it doesn't hurt others. For example, instead of "I Want to quit my boss" make "you Want to improve on the service. Let your desire be as short as possible accurate, no need to write long sentences with a negative meaning: the phrase "In the New year don't want to hurt and be angry and mean" replace "In the New year I want to be healthy and happy." And then your wish will surely come true!
One of the most common and effective ways – under the chiming clock write your wish on a piece of paper, light it on fire from the flame, shake the ashes into a champagne glass and drained his drink. To do that, the desire better to formulate in advance, clearly and briefly.
Also common, when every clock strike, you need to eat the grape, naturally, thinking about your desire. Drink champagne and wait for execution.
Try the old way to do it, which is used in many new year and Christmas fortune-telling. Write on small slips of paper your most cherished wishes that you want to come true in the coming year. Put them under your pillow and in the morning, as you Wake up, get one. It should come true.
If you celebrate the New year in a big company and shy in front of strangers to shake into a glass, the ashes of the dreams, do not drink champagne the fastest. There is a belief that, thinking about the secret and cherished desire, especially if it relates to happiness and love, need to drink the champagne from my glass the most recent of those present, as if dragging on your side love and good fortune.
To be sure to see come true desire or not, you can try out another ancient method: in a newlyfit night leave the house, stand with my back to him and silently ask your question. Then you have to count the Windows where the lights are burning: if you get an even number, then the desire will come true, and if not – you will have to work hard in order to implement it.
If all your thoughts about love and matters of the heart, going to sleep, put under the pillow a piece of bread and a pair of scissors. They say if you do it in a newlyfit the night, the future husband will come in a dream.