So many things need to get done before the New year! Decorate the house, prepare the gifts, clothing, to think about a festive menu! Should take it seriously, because the way you meet the year 2016, will depend on your success in the new year.

So, how to celebrate New year 2016? Monkey – pet smart, she's playful, curious, emotional, unpredictable. She can be very defiant if something goes not the way she wants. So while it dominates, is in all things to rely on yourself. In 2016 do not hoard the problems, solve it all at once. By the way, 2016 is a time for new ideas and plans. A kind of mistress of the coming year meet with dignity. Monkey loves nuts, sweets, fruit, vegetables, herbs.

Festive table on New year 2016

To give preference to better vegetarian menu. But if without meat you do not want, serve meals of Turkey, chicken, venison. Dishes of rabbit will also be relevant. But food should not be heavy.

Fruit, candy, ice cream, fruit pies, other Goodies – that should be on the table in abundance! You can prepare something new to surprise not only the symbol of 2016, but also yourself! Do not forget about the accompanying entourage: candles, crystal stemware, sets of China, beautiful dishes, delicate cloth.

Take a quality champagne for new year's table, from drinks without alcohol, compotes and fruit drinks (of course, natural).

Gifts for New year 2016

Here it is necessary to consider the nature of the Monkey. Gifts should be bright to attract attention immediately. This is a good option: Souvenirs in ethnic style from distant countries, talismans, exotic wine. Of course, we should not forget about the tastes and preferences of those you intend to give.

Ladies you can give jewelry with bright stones. Interesting sweets, colorful decoration for your home interior, in General, approach the choice of gifts with imagination. They should not be trivial, show your courage and imagination in all its glory!

Decorate the house for New year 2016

As decor, select bells and chimes, emits the sound. On the walls hang the garlands over the door hang a figure of a monkey – she will bring you good luck.

Astrologers recommend to decorate your home in shades of the coming year – red, orange, gold, yellow. Bright color should be the priority. The decor can use a little green and blue – so to speak, will tribute to the Goat – symbol of 2015.

Tree decorate with tangerines, toys, hand made. Yes, and the whole apartment can be decorated with spruce twigs into the tinsel.

How to celebrate New year 2016

Outfits must be red, orange or yellow. Appropriate jewelry in gold and silver, with bright stones. Graceful decoration wooden Monkey is also appreciated. Dresses for New year 2016 should attract attention, delight the eye with their brightness and exoticism. In the hair can weave bright flowers (even artificial).

In General, New year 2016 need a good rest! Treat yourself, a symbol of the coming year and all the family – create a cheerful, bright and remembered for a long holiday.