You will need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - candles;
  • - thread.
The desire should be to think in the night from 6 on 7 January (or 24 to 25 December, if you belong to the Catholic or Protestant churches). And not necessarily doing it in midnight to make throughout the magic Christmas night.
Matters and what you ask for. Not worth it in this holiday to wish for material possessions, especially if they have no pressing need, and especially to harm other people. Ask about happiness, health, peace, the meeting of true love, the birth of a child. Desire should be formulated in the present tense and be sure to thank God for them. For example, you can say "this year I will meet the man of her dreams and he will propose to me. Thank you, Lord, for that." Such a desire will surely come. Would also be appropriate to wish health and happiness to your loved ones. However, it is not necessary to make love a specific person. You can't dispose of his fate, and do not know whether for him your relationship is good.
It is best if you make a wish in the Church. However, if you fail to go into service. It is believed that on the night before Christmas in three hours open sky. Go outside and tell me about your desire, lifting her head up. It will reach the addressee.
Write a wish on a small piece of paper and take a candle. Its color depends on the nature of your request. To perform amorous desires fit red candle. For requests about health or improving the material well – being- green, the rest blue. Light a candle and skapiti all the wax on a piece of paper with desire. After that, take the thread from one candle colors and tie her a note. The envelope should carry the entire year, and during this time your dream will come true.