Prepare a romantic dinner for two. Cover the table, light the candles, put a vase of fresh flowers. Turn on the music, which will be nice for both of you, invite your sweetheart for a slow dance.
Make sure your appearance. Try to change something in his usual way: hair, makeup, clothes. Do yourself a manicure, pedicure, join a gym, start Jogging in the mornings. It will make you more fit and have a beneficial effect on your health and health.
Take leave from work. You can take a romantic trip together, and it is possible, conversely, to go to relax alone. The joint tour will refresh your senses, fill you with new impressions. But if you decide to take a break from each other, separation will show you how much you love your spouse.
Make novelty into your intimate life. Try to diversify your sex role-playing games and unusual poses. Don't be afraid to experiment, be spontaneous. If something goes wrong, take it with humor.
Learn to play a new musical instrument, e.g. the violin or the drums. Certainly hearing your partner it will be a real exotic. Just be careful with this method: if the inept violin sounds will be annoying, not to go to major fights. It is important to feel the distinction when you want to retreat.
Visit anyone of your mom. Visiting family can make a lot of new in the routine relationship. But this option requires caution: the psychological state of your partner should not go beyond reasonable limits of tolerance and a healthy optimism.
Games can make a boring life interesting and exciting. Solve crossword puzzles together, puzzles. Play chess, checkers, and even dominoes or cards. Try also to play in the Association: the first player names a word, then the second call that is associated with this image, and so on up the chain. In this game not only out of molehills, but from crocodile space.