First, look at the price. If it is too low, then most likely you are offering to purchase a substitute. To produce a bottle of natural wine, you need to invest in manufacturing, which is not very cheap, and also on bottling, transportation, storage. In this regard, the production of powder wines are much cheaper, respectively, and the cost of it in store is pretty low.
Be careful buying wine in boxes. Since the use of such containers is cheaper than glass bottles, and use it is often not the most conscientious producers.
When buying wine note label. On the bottle powder winem do not specify the extract that the wine is not vintage. This drink has the sweet sugary taste, no aftertaste, characteristic of natural wine. Most often counterfeited sweet and semi-sweet wines. But dry are always natural, so as to forge them is very difficult and expensive.
To check authenticity of wine and the next method. Take a bottle, abruptly turn upside down. Well look at the remaining precipitate. In natural wines, he allowed, but it should not be much, and it has a fairly dense consistency. If you substitute, then the sediment can be a lot and he will loose.
Pour into a glass a little wine. Stir in a circular motion. If the walls of the glass will leave marks, so-called "wine legs", before you natural product. The longer you hold on these traces, the wine better.
You can drop in a glass of winem a few drops of glycerin. If it drops to the bottom and it will not change the color, then the wine is natural. If the glycerin will turn red or yellow, then before you fake.
Fill a deep bowl with water in the bottle pour the wine, hold the bottle with your finger. Lower the vessel with the drink in the water and turn it over. Remove your finger. If the wine will start to mix with the water, it would indicate that the drink has additional impurities, flavors and other additives. Natural wine is mixed with water will not.