The first thing to do before shooting is to prepare the skin for the application of cosmetics. The facial skin should be fresh and clean. So for 3-4 days it is advisable to make a soft peeling or a facial. You also need to make correction of eyebrows. Ask for advice from professionals and together with them choose the suitable and desired form. The day before the photo shoot make lotions for the eyes to not have the bags, and the sight was not tired and clear.
After a usual procedure of applying Foundation makeup, you need to even out skin tone, make skin poloidal view and conceal flaws. The main issue of the skin on the photos is the Shine, so choose matte shades of tonal resources. Keep in mind that the choice depends on shade and skin type, purchase a tone that blends with your natural color. All visible flaws (redness, dark spots, etc.) must be hidden using a concealer. The area around the eyes apply beige tone concealer and on the eyelids – powder to the shade does not roll up, lay for a long time and passed on the color saturation.
One of the main points to remember when applying makeup is the ideal form of eyebrow. To give it can with a brush, pencil, shade close to natural hair color, toner or glue for the eyebrows. The main thing do not overdo the amount of makeup on the face, otherwise it will become sullen and older.
Eyes is the first thing that you notice when viewing photos. You need to make them so that through the could feel their depth, feeling, and magnetism. Do not forget to bring the upper eyelid, it will increase and accentuate the eyes and eyelashes get thicker. Usually pictures look better matte shadows than pearl or glitter. To look was open, underneath the eyebrows and on the mobile eyelid apply a light pearl shade. It is not recommended to use red and pink shadows because they make the eyes look sickly. Eyelashes paint as can be abundant and carefully, and better stick overhead. Don't be afraid to overdo it with eye makeup, remember that photographic equipment will "eat" a lot of color and brightness.
Apply blush on the protruding point is the tip of the nose, cheekbones and forehead. Do not apply blush close to the eyes, otherwise get damp. If you want to visually enlarge the lips, apply lipstick on top of lip gloss.
If we talk about the makeup result, the makeup should be enough to look like the person is unobtrusive, but stylish and strive for the ideal. Velvety skin, smooth complexion, thick and very long eyelashes, the right eyebrow, inviting lips and nice.