You will need
  • Hairspray, curlers, hair
Bouffant are back in fashion, so resort to this method of creating volume in the hair. The bouffant can be done in several ways, it all depends on what result you want to achieve. To give the hair a light negligence, you can use the fleece a few strands. Necesite the upper sections around the perimeter of the head. Then secure the result with hairspray. Your hair will look a little shredded. This hairstyle perfectly suited to almost any outfit.
To make your curls voluminous with the help of new hairstyles. If you have decided on this step, feel free to go to the hairdresser. Make layered hairstyle. The advantage of this haircut is that the volume will stay constant. You don't even need to do packing. Disadvantage lies in the fact that collect hair in a ponytail or a bun will be difficult. If you want the curls looked more lush, then comb against the hair growth and fix the result varnish.
Short hair is perfect the next option. Give volume to hair only on the top, side strands should be left unchanged. A few strands on the crown of the head wind on large hair curlers. Then dry them for 5-7 minutes in the dryer. Then let the curls cool and remove the rollers. To your hair is preserved during the day, spray it with hairspray. After washing dry your hair by tilting your head down, it will give volume to your curls.
Also, apply on the hair roots special wax, which gives lift and volume to the curls. Don't forget to shower, Hairdryer and styling products have a negative impact on the health of the hair. Thoroughly and carefully take care of your curls. Once a week, always do a hair mask. Use gentle shampoos and conditioners to preserve the natural beauty and strength of hair.