You will need
  • - E-mail program Microsoft Outlook;
  • photography.
Start your email program. Create a new message with the command "New" from the menu "File". In the list that appears, select "Message". Can simply press Ctrl+N. If the recipient photography is already in the list of your Outlook contacts, click "Contacts" select the contact you want, click right mouse button and select the context menu option "new message to contact."
Design your message. In the message window that appears, write the email address of the recipient in the "to" field when you created the message using the menu "File".In the field "Subject" specify subject. Preferably make it so that the recipient has understood the topic that he got. It may happen that the addressee, whom you are sending a photograph, receives a large number of e-mail messages and immediately view a message without a subject. Write at least a minimum of explanatory text. The recipient may not remember your email address, so don't keep the person guessing, from whom he received a letter with an attached file.
Attach to the message a photograph that you want to send. To do this, click on the button with the paperclip, which is located under the main menu. In the opened window, select the photo and click "Paste". Can use the command "File" from the menu "Insert".
Click on the "Send" button to send the message with photo. It's done, your photography flew to the recipient.