You will need
  • computer;
  • - the Windows disk.
You can use the standard tools of the same OS. Any self-respecting manufacturer of a product tries to specify the most important data. To know the version of the operating system in several ways. If you have access to a computer with this OS, use the standard methods of the system. To do this go to "start". Next, right mouse click in the blank window. POPs up a context menu where you select "Properties".
Here you can see all information about hardware, operating system version, and information about drivers and much more. In General we can say that with the help of this tab you'll always know all important information about Windows. In the tab "General" will be written all the information that you are interested in. Typically, manufacturers are there to provide the operating system version, type of system, the requirement for activation year.
You can also view information on the disk. Let's say that you bought a new installation disk with the operating system and need to know the version of Windows. As a rule, on disc and on the box it will written something like Windows Seven service pack 1. This is the version of the operating system. Can also be written Windows XP pack 3. These are two similar OSes, which are produced by the popular company Microsoft. It is also worth noting that around the time the new version of the Windows 8 operating system.
In the future you will understand the version of the OS on the first glance on the system or on the disk. It first seems that it is difficult, however, it is not. As practice shows, people quickly learn to operate the computer, so try as much as possible to use the computer independently, without the help of anyone, and in the future such problems will seem a simple situation.