You will need
  • - to visit the doctor;
Some doctors believe that when the bend of the uterus missionary position during sex is not as effective as in the absence of this feature. To increase the chance of conceiving, try having sex in knee-elbow position, and then lie some time on the stomach.
If the change in posture does not lead to the desired result, you need to look for the causes that prevent pregnancy. Visit your doctor and ask whether a non-standard position of the uterus to prevent the movement of the egg through the fallopian tubes. This phenomenon is quite rare. If you have a case, ask the doctor to prescribe you the proper treatment. It could be pelvic massage, physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises. After these procedures, the doctor may advise the use of a pessary.
If in itself, the position of the uterus does not affect fertility, it may be that the case causes a change in the position of the body of the uterus.
If the bend of the uterus occurred due to the inflammatory process, ask them to assign you a course of anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition to problems with conception, inflammatory process can lead to habitual miscarriage.
The reason of the bend of the uterus may be adhesions in the pelvis. Consider survey to determine the presence of adhesions. In that case, if you find there is a method of treatment of like laparoscopy. Its effectiveness in treating infertility is about 60%.
For this pathology genitals, infantilism of the uterus, can also form the bend. In this case, you can prescribe hormonal treatment.