You will need
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • browser;
  • program FileRescue for NTFS.
The program will help you FileRescue for NTFS. Open the browser and in the search bar, type the name of the program FileRescue for NTFS. Follow the links and download the program into the computer's memory. Also, this software can be found on the website Run the installation program and specify installation settings. Such utilities shall be installed in the system local disk of the computer.
Run the program. To start searching for deleted files click on the Analyse button on the top panel of the program. FileRescue for NTFS will scan the computer and will display a full list of recently deleted files. By using the Rescan Drives button you can repeat the procedure.
Locate the files that you need. Select them and click the Recover button, shown next to the red cross. You start the recovery procedure. After completion of work program to check your files. If they do not run, or the operating system generates an error, then the restore failed.
Set all the required settings using the menu Options. Explore the assistance under the program, if you encounter any difficulties in the work. If you still did not help, on the Internet you can find many utilities for each file type. As a rule, the interface of this utility is quite simple, so problems should not arise.
Try also to make backup copies of data at various system crashes or virus infections it was no problem to format a computer hard drive. Also do not forget about the need to install specialized antivirus software that real-time scans your entire computer and detects suspicious processes and files.