Get your own blog and make it popular. This can be done in various ways, but the easiest to write about what you are really interested. If you will read a fairly large number of people, you can earn by posting your online advertising. It can be both banners, and paid articles. To look for advertisers yourself. It is best to have their profile match the theme of your blog.
Become a journalist, writing texts for electronic media. Many sites are constantly gaining authors, especially welcome people with experience in journalism and just good style. Usually, writing such articles can be used knowledge from the same Internet and thus earn from the comfort of home.
Sign up the Internet exchange of articles for freelancers. One of the most famous of these resources is Etxt. Work at this site can I find as a journalist and translator. But note that the cost of articles in such resources is typically low, then you get only single orders and have extra to spend time finding work for themselves. However, this resource can be used to search for regular customers.
Engage in stock trading. It can be like a game of exchange rates on Forex and stock trading. However, this earnings you still need at least a few thousand starting capital. Besides, you can lose your money due to inexperience and lack of financial knowledge.
Become a moderator on any forum or online. Most often, these positions are held by enthusiasts, but there is a paid moderating. Let's address a letter to the administration of the forums you visit most often. Perhaps they were just looking for someone for similar work.