Arrange shortcuts on the desktop the table the way you want. It is important that it was exhibited your standard resolution, e.g. 1920*1080 or 1024*768. If you are a user of Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you bit easier. In these systems redesigned the way in which the system "remembers" the arrangement of icons on a working table. Right click on the free space, select the menu "View", uncheck the item "auto Arrange icons". Right-click on the empty part of the desktop, and select the left click "Update".
Now, the position of icons stored in the cache memory system and the resolution of the screen labels will be placed exactly. If it changes the resolution — just to return the correct value and icons will fall into place. To set the desired resolution in Windows 7, right-click the working desktopand select "screen Resolution". A window will appear, which will indicate the name of your monitor and the second line will be a drop-down list by clicking on the black triangle, you can select the monitor settings. When you choose, click "Apply" and confirm your choice.
In the older Windows XP operating system this mechanism is not working as it should, so the best way is to use a third-party program. Open the Internet browser and set the search query "Download Icon Position". Is a small free utility to save the selected location of the desktop icons. There are other programs of similar type, such as the Restore Icon, or Desktop Icon Position Saver 64-bit. Download the program to control icons, start it.
Arrange the icons the way you want, and the program Icon Position press the first button - "Save icons position". Then click the second "Refresh icon cache".
Now, to restore the location of icons, which you chose, just start the program and click the third button — "Restore...". By the same principle working and other programs of similar purpose. This method works in Windows 7, for example, for cases where the position of the icons changed not because of permissions, and accidentally press the button "Place order, by name or because of someone's interference.
It should be remembered that the program remembers the order that you saved, and if you add or remove some of the icons repeat the process of saving the positions of the labels.