You will need
  • computer;
  • - the Internet.
Click the "start" button and select "control Panel". In control Panel, find the section "Update". In this section you will find all the service settings of Microsoft updates. These settings can also be found in the properties of "My computer" on the tab "Automatic updates".
Select the update mode, depending on your wishes. If you want to decide which updates to download — check the box next to "Notify but not download or install them automatically. This choice will allow you to save some Internet traffic and control download updates. If you do not have unlimited Internet, you need to download the updates only after confirming in the system.
Click "OK" and wait for a connection service update update server Microsoft. You can continue to go about their business, as when you have the ability to upload new updates there system message. Of course, at this point should be connected to the Internet.
Click on the system of the left mouse button. In the window that appears, examine the list of available components updates for your operating system and tick off your choice. Click "OK" and wait until the download and installation of updates.
Some updates are installed at shutdown. At this point, the operating system warns you about the installation process and asks not to interrupt the operation of the computer. Wait for installation to complete, as the forced power off can lead to system failures. Regularly update the operating system settings, to avoid problems when installing new games or various programs.