The child gets Montenegrin citizenshipif at least one of the parents (or adoptive parents) who is a citizen of Montenegro. To do this, until the child reaches 18 years, the parent-citizen must write a statement to be entered into the register of Montenegrin citizens. If the child was 14 years old need a written agreement. In the age of from 18 till 23 years, young people are applying themselves.
To obtain citizenship by birth on the territory of Montenegro, can the child if it is born or was found in the country, and his parents were stateless or unknown. If until the child reaches 18 years of age will be found that the parents are citizens of another country, loses Montenegrin citizenship. Unlike citizenship in other countries, where a sufficient condition is the fact of birth in the country, in Montenegro this is not enough.
In order to obtain the citizenship of Montenegro by adopting, you must have attained the age of 18 years, have exemption from citizenship of other States. The applicant must be in Montenegro for more than 10 years legally, to have residency and a permanent job. If all the above conditions are met, you must personally submit a written application to the Ministry of foreign Affairs. The reason for the refusal of naturalisation may be the criminal record of the applicant, tax evasion and ignorance of the language.
If the applicant is married to a citizen of Montenegro for at least three years and living in the country for at least five years, he can also apply for citizenship, provided that it has no tax claims, the person has no criminal record, has steady employment and housing.
Foreign nationals can be rated Montenegrin citizenshipif they and their activities fall within the scope of the special interests of Montenegro. It can be citizens involved in science, economy, politics, sports, the arts and culture. The decision on the granting of citizenship made by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Montenegro , based on the opinion given by the authority, the area of interest which is the applicant of citizenship.
Citizenship of Montenegro, as the second can be provided by the "economic citizenship program". To do this, the applicant is obliged to invest more than 500,000 euros (valid to August 2011) in the economy of Montenegro. As the investment is considered construction, the creation of joint enterprises, tourism, industry.