You will need
  • - MDF sheets;
  • - liquid nails;
  • - screws;
  • - drill;
  • jig - saw;
  • - carpet
Decide on the type of housing of the subwoofer. A sealed box will be the perfect way to design to produce a truly high-quality sound, however, you have to take care of the increased power of the amplifier to make a "shake" of the diffuser and an air cushion behind the speaker. Box with bass reflex well suited for club music or competitions in car audio. This architecture more than a regular sealed box. "Band pass" is the largest allowable size, and where the desired sound is big pressure, because the speaker is located on the inner wall of the ductCI between the two volumes. Has a significant audio delay.
For the manufacture of the boxand better suited to MDF. Calculate the volume of the future of Boxing and the length of each phase inverter for each head. You can use the program JBL Speakershop.
Also, set the Volume Box Calculator calculate the external parameters of the boxand, given the height and width of the trunk of a car.
Mark MDF on the chosen size and start cutting. This will help circular saw, although you can use a jigsaw. Please note that the thickness of one sheet of plywood should be not less than 18 mm.
To the bottom of the future boxkey to the subwoofer attach the front wall and screw it on a few screws, which are used for mounting to drywall. Similarly make the top cover.
From the bottom depth of the box minus the thickness of the material and mark on the bottom of the strip to which it will be necessary to remove the material. The same operation make and on top. Mark the bevel you can use the pencil and ruler. Take the planer and remove the marked excess, and then screw the back wall.
The protruding part again clear the plane. Put the box sideways on the sheet of MDF and draw the side panel for both sides (if you have two subwoofer). Cut and paste these sides to Central wall forming two compartments. Attach them.
Since the structure consists of two walls, drill small holes for mounting screws for the second layer. Gradually guide the design, starting from the front and bottom walls. For sealed mounting use liquid nails.
Screw the top of the future boxa, and then the back cover. Smoothen the edges. Make a layout for the subwoofer and cut the holes under phase inverters, which are located on the side of the box. The correctness of the cut hole can be checked by the speaker.
The vented enclosures are made of plastic pipe, from the inside you can paint it with black paint. Purchase or make ring for the device (plastic), attach them to the tube on liquid nails.
Treat boxto smooth out all the bumps and the protruding part, start tight. Take a walk inside and outside with vacuum cleaner, karpet cut with the stock to it later to turn in a hole in the shape of a crown. To ensure complete seal carefully proclivity phase inverters, don't be afraid to get dirty in the liquid nails. Similarly mount the speakers.
The Cabinet is ready. The amplifiers are attached to the rear, the wires go through the holes, which are then smeared liquid nails.