You will need
  • - plywood;
  • - PVA glue;
  • - screws;
  • sealant;
  • - carpet;
  • electric jig saw;
First select the shape of the subwoofer, the box for which you want to construct. There are several types of "subs": closed type subwoofer bass reflex, band pass type, "SDD" with the additional radiator. The most common type of subwoofer is a closed type.
When you have decided on the type, download software JBL SpeakerShop. Open the module Enclosure module. In the dialog that appears, select the geometrical form of the subwoofer, for example, slanted front Prism, and enter the parameters of the trunk. The program will automatically calculate the dimensions of the housing of the future "Saba".
Take a sheet of plywood and apply a markup of the side walls of the housing. Using an electric jigsaw cut them out. Connect the housing wall with PVA glue and then fasten with screws in increments of 5 cm until the glue dries. Gaps between walls fill with sealant. It excess remove with a knife.
Fill the hull of the future "Saba" with water and check for leaks. Enclosure the subwoofer has to be tight to achieve high sound quality. Drain the water and re-apply all the defects and cracks sealant. Be sure to dry with a dryer housing.
Mark the location of the speaker and make a hole with an electric jigsaw. The edge of the hole grind with a grinding machine so that no further damage speaker. Also make a hole under the wire.
Fit an enclosure with carpet and glue it with silicone glue. The edges of the strip overlap. After drying, trim the top edge. You have a neat and invisible seam.
Box subwoofer ready.