You will need
  • - passport;
  • - medical card;
  • - funds for training in driving school.
1. Call the nearest driving school and enroll her. Training will cost 5-6 thousand UAH. Some driving schools will have to pay extra for gasoline spent on practical exercises. Training in a driving school involves the performance of homework, diligence, focus on the lessons. In General, as in a regular school. The course consists of 24 theoretical and 14 practical classes and self-study. Therefore, if you decide to pass on the right, note that the next 2.5 months you will have daily to devote at least half an hour daily studying of traffic regulations. Apprentice driving school can become a person who has attained 17 years of age, but to the right is possible only in 18.
Turn in the exam, which consists of 3 stages. Stage 1 - theory implies a theoretical 20 questions with 4 possible answers. Stage 2 – "Playground", that is, exercises on the car. You need to perform 3 exercises of 5 (overpass, turn in three steps, garage, snake, parallel Parking). Exercises are to be elected at random. Stage 3 – the city and driving on city roads with the instructor of GAI. You can make only 4 mistakes.
Go to a driving school where you'll take a picture and paste your photo in the driving license. Within the hour you will be given your rights. But this will only be possible after successfully Slano exam. Otherwise, you are expected to retake and additional costs.