Advice 1: How to get a driver's license in Ukraine

Every year it becomes more and more vehicles on the roads, and right now has almost all the adult population, both Russia and Ukraine. But to the driver's right is not so simple as it may seem at first glance. You need to learn traffic rules, master skills of driving a car, spend a lot of money and free time.
How to get a driver's license in Ukraine
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - medical card;
  • - funds for training in driving school.
1. Call the nearest driving school and enroll her. Training will cost 5-6 thousand UAH. Some driving schools will have to pay extra for gasoline spent on practical exercises. Training in a driving school involves the performance of homework, diligence, focus on the lessons. In General, as in a regular school. The course consists of 24 theoretical and 14 practical classes and self-study. Therefore, if you decide to pass on the right, note that the next 2.5 months you will have daily to devote at least half an hour daily studying of traffic regulations. Apprentice driving school can become a person who has attained 17 years of age, but to the right is possible only in 18.
Turn in the exam, which consists of 3 stages. Stage 1 - theory implies a theoretical 20 questions with 4 possible answers. Stage 2 – "Playground", that is, exercises on the car. You need to perform 3 exercises of 5 (overpass, turn in three steps, garage, snake, parallel Parking). Exercises are to be elected at random. Stage 3 – the city and driving on city roads with the instructor of GAI. You can make only 4 mistakes.
Go to a driving school where you'll take a picture and paste your photo in the driving license. Within the hour you will be given your rights. But this will only be possible after successfully Slano exam. Otherwise, you are expected to retake and additional costs.
In no case do not succumb to provocations of the inspector. For example, you may hear the phrase, "Stop in the crosswalk" or "Let's give it a little gas, and my time is running out". But, don't place such a provocation without reaction. Say that you will not stop or will not go faster because this is prohibited by the SDA.
Useful advice
When passing the 3rd stage of the exam does not accelerate under high (60 km / h) - as the inspector sits to the side, the speedometer at an angle. And if you go 60 km/h, it would seem that 65 km/h. So you should move with a speed of 40-45 km/h.

Advice 2 : As to the rights of the citizen of Ukraine

Get a driver's license of the Russian sample for a citizen of Ukraine, like any other foreign state, the law expressly provided. However, this situation exists.
As to the rights of the citizen of Ukraine
You will need
  • - a document certifying the identity (passport);
  • - document confirming registration at place of residence or place of stay;
  • - medical certificate of the established sample;
  • - the document on passage of training (except those who studied independently);
  • - previously issued driver's license (if any);
  • photography;
  • - receipt of payment of examination
If you are a citizen of Russia and Ukraine (dual citizenship) and driver's license were obtained on the territory of Ukraine, exchange it for Russian law. The difficulty lies in the fact that you have to pass the theoretical exam, as the SDA Russia and Ukraine are different.
In addition, prepare and submit the documents listed in the "What you need". The exchange procedure is regulated in paragraph 40 of the rules of delivery of promotion examinations and issue of driver's license. In this case, the certificate of training optional
If citizenship of the Russian Federation no, getting a Russian driver's license will be more difficult. According to paragraph 46 of the same rules of delivery of promotion examinations to persons temporarily residing in the territory of the Russian Federation replacement of foreign driving licenses into Russian is not provided. Also not issued to the Russian law if it is lost or stolen foreign identities.
In this situation, get your license on a common basis, passing theoretical and practical exams. It is provided by point 45 of the rules of delivery of promotion examinations. Upon successful completion of these exams will receive the registration documents for the right of temporary stay in the Russian Federation.
Pre-walk training in a driving school. However, it is possible to pass the exams in the traffic police after self-training, i.e. without schooling. For the latter option of obtaining the rights you need to be able to drive and have excellent knowledge of traffic regulations of the Russian Federation.
If you come to Russia for permanent residence from Ukraine, exchange driver's license for identity Federation. To do this, the law provides a period of 60 days, during which the old certificate continues to be valid. This period begins with the date of receipt in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of a permanent residence permit or from the date of entry into the territory of the Russian Federation, if permission has been obtained from the diplomatic representation or consular institution of Ukraine. The list of documents specified in "What you need"
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