You will need
  • - birth certificate
  • - passport or identity card
  • - passport (if any)
  • the grounds for stay in the country
  • - migration notice with a mark about statement on the migratory account
  • - migration card received at the border
  • - marriage certificate or divorce (if any)
  • - birth certificate of children (if any)
  • - certificate of ownership of the apartment, private house (if any)
  • - diplomas (if any)
  • - other documents certifying the civil status acts related to the issue of legalization, naturalization and residence in Russia
  • - medical certificate about state of health
Ask for personal advice on issues of citizenship of the Russian Federation in the consular service of Russia in Moldova or in a regional office of the Federal migration service of Russia at the place of his residence, to learn the specific procedures and timing of receipt by you and members of your family Russian citizenship. Since the acquisition of the Russian citizenship by a Moldovan citizen as possible on a common basis (will have to first obtain a residence permit and stay in the Russian Federation not less than 5 years) and in a simplified manner. For example, if you enter into marriage with the citizen of the Russian Federation, you are required to live in Russia for only 3 years, and in some cases to first obtain a residence permit and stay in the territory of the Russian Federation is generally not required.
Will receive from the officials of the consular service, or FMS, a specific list of necessary documents. Remember where and how to obtain and complete. And take a receipt on payment of the registration fee (2000 RUB), and two of the application for citizenship of Russia. Gather all the necessary documents according to the list, and bring them and your completed application for citizenship in FMS or in the consular service. Or apply for a residence permit in the Russian Federation to submit required to obtain Russian citizenship documents after 5 years of continuous stay in Russia (if the legislation of the Russian Federation during this time will not undergo any significant changes).
Wait until officials of the Federal migration service or the consular service will check you have provided the documents for the presence and authenticity. If all documents are collected and submitted correctly, your application will be accepted and registered, you will receive on hands the certificate on acceptance of documents, which will indicate the registration number, the date of acceptance of the application, name of officials and contact details.
Wait until you submitted the documents and pass all the necessary checks first territorial bodies of the FMS of Russia, and then in the Federal migration service of the Russian Federation. In case of detecting any violations in the design of the materials, documents will be returned for correction or citizenship will be denied.
Will receive notification of the publication of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation on granting of citizenship. The notice must be received not later than one month from the date of publication of this decree. On the basis of this notice will receive a passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.