You must first determine the place of installation of the staircase and its design. It is advisable not to save on the area that will take a ladder. For this already at the construction stage will be necessary to provide a certain corridor, which is subsequently mounted the stairs.
By design, they differ on direct; fan; screw; have handrails with two or one hand. As a material for the frame of the ladder it is possible to use metal profile (angle, channel) or wood.
Spiral staircases look more interesting than straight, take up less space. However, from the security point of view, straight stairs safer and easier when using their elderly family members and young children.
In the manufacture of stair railings with double-sided fencing means that it will mount along the wall, which will be a reliable guard on the other side. This is important for its safe operation. The easiest and best option is the construction of a staircase with two straight flights and a landing between them. This design will allow you to reduce the steepness of the stairs, ie will make it more convenient.
Start with mounting the landing. Assemble the frame of timber 100x100 mm and secure it to the walls, along which lie the staircases and the wall located between them.
At the corners of the pad set is made of 100x100mm timber stands. They lean on the frame, anchored to the floor under a platform made by exactly the same sizes of timber 100x100 mm. Additionally, place two racks in the center of the frame in the places of intersection it of the boards stringer (the stringer) of the stair. Ready pad sew from the top Board 50x150mm, prepared in advance.
Pre-calculated along the length of the string abut at one end on the ground, second on floor and secure to the wall. Another bowstring also abut on the platform above and stand on the floor, reinforce the width of the stairs.
Pinned to the wall make the string marking the location of the steps. In the calculation, we must note that the step height should be no more than 20cm, and the width not less than 30cm. Copy this markup to the opposite string.
Under lines fix the bars 50x50mm – the place of intersection of the steps. On top of them lay the boards and nail them with nails. Then, in the same sequence to make the installation of a second flight of stairs.
The space between the steps on a vertical close Board. The elements of the string opposite wall, attach anchors railing, and on them – yourself railings.
Hem to the second stairs and the landing from below the sheets, MDF or plywood. The outer side of the first stairwell on the panel lining. Then make it a small door - you will get a small closet.