You will need
    • Meat (beef) - 400-500 g
    • or 200-250 g beef and 200-250 grams of pork.
    • Egg - 1 PC.
    • A piece of bread – about 1/3 of the bread.
    • Milk – 1 Cup
    • The average potato – 1 PC.
    • Medium onion – 1 PC.
    • Salt
    • pepper to taste.
    • Chopper.
    • Large saucepan with lid.
    • A large sieve or colander.
It is most convenient to prepare meals for a couple in a double boiler. But if you have no steamer, you can easily do without. For this you'll need a large pan with a lid and a metal colander or sieve, preferably with a flat bottom. The diameter of the sieve should be slightly less than the diameter of the pan, so that it is easy it included.
Cut the meat into large chunks, scroll through a meat grinder. Also mince the potato and onion.
Miss received the beef through the grinder again.
With a piece of bread cut off crust, crumb, soak in milk.
In a separate bowl break the egg and stir it with a fork.
Fold the minced meat in a bowl, where the soaked bread, add scrambled egg and mix, add salt and pepper to taste. Again mix thoroughly. You can also add spices to taste.
Scroll through the resulting mass through a meat grinder three times.
Shape of the resulting meat patties. It is best to make them small, slightly larger than a walnut – so they are ready faster and look better. Fold formed patties in a sieve or colander.
Pour in a pan of water and put it on the fire. A colander or sieve with cakes put on top. The water should not touch bottom of sieve!
When the water boils, turn heat down. Cook meatballs for about 30-40 minutes.