If you have at least once in your life had the experience of long-term use of alcoholic beverages, when every morning you thought about how to freshen the nip, to perish with a hangover, you must understand that alcohol addiction has reached the most dangerous stage and to overcome the disease alone is not possible. To sing a long and difficult may lead one glass of wine or beer. Alcoholism is a serious chronic disease, to cure it completely was not possible for any one doctor, even with higher qualifications and great experience, but to achieve a period of stable remission and to help the alcoholic to cope with the craving for alcohol is a task quite on forces to the modern medicine.
Do not try to cope with alcohol addiction yourself, don't be fooled into thinking that using a bottle of beer, you will be able to stop. To binge never povtorilas, you must refuse to accept any alcoholic drinks. Analyze how did your previous or next bout. Surely, you're having a drink, which led to a multi-day disruption. That desire to drink did not arise never, see your doctor narcologist.
Modern pharmaceutical drugs can completely suppress the craving for alcohol. Timely treatment will help you avoid binges, to achieve a period of stable remission and prevent negative health consequences that inevitably arise after each bingeas a way out of it is a tremendous burden on the body that often do not stand up to vital organs, leading to death or disability.
In addition to pharmaceutical drugs, completely relieves the craving for alcohol, you will undergo psychotherapy, acupuncture active zones that are responsible for emotional state.
Along with classic forms of treatment of alcohol dependence, you must set a goal, to do what brings you pleasure and emotional satisfaction. Avoid stress and the company of friends-companions, whose priorities in life is intake of alcoholic beverages. If the treatment you experienced cravings for alcohol, immediately contact a psychiatrist to review therapies.