You will need
  • Game Booster.
To begin, open the device Manager and disable unnecessary processes. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del. In Windows 7 select "Start task Manager". Open the Processes tab.
Examine the list of running processes and programs. Select the process you wish to disable and click "End process". Confirm the operation is complete.
Most services do not appear in the device Manager. Open the start menu and navigate to control panel. Open the menu "Administration". Select the submenu "Service".
Independently shut down unused services. Their number varies from thirty to forty, depending on the number of extra features or devices that you use. The main load is carried to such services as Windows update, Windows defender secondary logon, backup, Windows.
There are some absolutely useless for a desktop computer services: service tablet PC input service, terminal, auxiliary service IP. They can also be turned off.
Self-disabling unnecessary processes and services – quite a long and tedious process. Fortunately, to get rid of the unnecessary processes there are special programs. They are designed in order not to disable important processes. Download software GameBooster or Advanced SystemCare.
Install the selected app and run it. In the case of utility ASC, select "system Optimization". Check the first paragraph – Optimization. Click "Scan".
After the completion of system analysis, click the "Repair". Do not delete the program after use. It will automatically fix registry errors and configure the operating system to improve performance.