You will need
  • 1. Application for receiving technical conditions "
  • 2. The project of gasification of your house or apartment
  • 3. Counter corresponding to the "technical conditions"
  • 4. Prepared by the workers of the gas service passport counter
  • 5. Sealing of gas meters the gas service workers
  • 6. Help of gas service to ERKC at your place of stay
Write an application to gas service, specifying therein the full name, place of your registration and mailing address where you would like to install a gas meter. Shortly thereafter you will come to master. He will inspect gas appliances in your home or apartment and say, what kind of counter is needed. "Technical conditions", notwithstanding that the wizard will allow you to perform the project – typically, this work also carries out the gas service.
Purchase of gas in accordance with the "technical conditions". Gas meters (designed for residential houses and apartments) differ from each other primarily "nominal value" – the amount of energy that they are capable of transmitting per unit time. For apartment, equipped only with a gas hob, fit a device that passes two and a half cubic meters of gas per hour.
Contact the gas company again – there will be account after payment of which the master will arrive a second time and install the purchased gas meter. Immediately after installation of the appliance it will be necessary to issue him a passport. Sometimes the mark it puts in place the same master, sometimes it is necessary to specifically contact one of the departments of gas service.
Apply for the sealing of your household gas meter on the same gas service – its staff will seal a newly installed meter, and you will be given a certificate. Presenting the document in a single cash settlement center of the residence, you will pay for gas under the new system, independently taking readings from the meter.