You will need
    • proteins egg (5 pieces);
    • granulated sugar (250 g);
    • vanillin;
    • lemon juice (1/2 tsp);
    • a few crystals of salt;
    • dark chocolate or milk (50 g);
    • pastry bag or tablespoon.
Prepare the dish for whipping proteins. The bowl should be wide and deep below, while whites liquid, the contents didn't spill out. Whisk or blades of the mixer should be completely dry. To be sure, wipe everything with a paper towel.
Separate the yolks from the whites. Break each egg over a separate bowl. Pour the yolk in the shell, and the protein may flows into the tank. If the yolk breaks and drop it into a Cup, then this protein cannot be used for whipping. Just leave it in the fridge. Then cook the omelette. Pure protein and add in a dried bowl.
Put protein in a bowl and the blades of the mixer or whisk for 15 minutes in the refrigerator. All the tools and the product will be peeled must be refrigerated.
Whisk the whites. Start the process on a low speed until the entire mixture is saturated with air. It takes a couple of minutes. Then the velocity of whipping to increase the average. Protein starts to thicken. At this stage, without stopping whisking, add salt and pour in the lemon juice drop by drop. If lemon on hand was not, you can add a few drops of ice-cold water or Apple cider vinegar. Suitable even for the ordinary table vinegar 9%.
Put next to the bowl for whipping the glass with sugar. To bowl does not slip on the table, put under her towel. Add the sugar a tablespoon directly under the rotating blades of the mixer. Beat whites until, until it cease to fall. If you raise the mixer, the blades will be pulled high protein peaks.
RUB on a small grater very cold chocolate. Pour chocolate chips into a protein dough and gently stir to evenly distributed in the whipped mass. Put the whipped whites in Carnatic, a pastry bag or syringe.
Prepare a baking sheet. It needs to be cold. Cover it with baking paper, silicone Mat or just grease with butter and sprinkle with flour. Put the cakes in little heaps. Leave the distance between them, the cakes will increase in size. If there is no bag or syringe, put the protein mass tablespoon.
Light the oven with a small flame and immediately place baking sheet with meringues in the oven. On low heat at a temperature of 110 degrees bake 1 to 3 hours. It all depends on the thickness of the products. Cakes should be well dried and become light yellow and light. The first half hour the oven do not open, then the door can be slightly open to better evaporate the moisture.
Finished cakes remove from the pan and serve tea.