For example, it is unlikely you get nail lamp using common nails for foam concrete block. The attachment to such wall requires certain knowledge and skills.
The majority of experts as the fasteners used dowels, which have increased the spacer part. This design allows them to stay tight in the wall. Before you start purchasing the dowels, be sure to calculate the degree of stress on the mounts. Heavy objects should stay on long dowels, and light – in short. Hole size should be selected for each fixture individually. Definitely need to do "allowance" for breaking the edges of the holes. Should also be included the thickness of the plaster layer to the depth of incorporation.
For drilling holes it is best to use twist drills that are designed to work on wood or steel. The drill has to withstand high speeds. Note, it is not necessary to use jumpers. When determining the distances between fixing elements you need to consider the recommendations of the fastener manufacturer. Usually, the instruction is on the package itself or in it. Responsibly approach this case, as the foam will not "tolerate" any inaccuracies in the work.
Special attention should be paid to appearance. In order to secure the wooden product, it is best to use a flat head and a metal profile usually use hexagons.
Pay attention to the above tips. Otherwise, the assembled chandelier may fall on his head, shelves not long time will be a repository of knowledge of many generations, and from under the sockets and switches will be constantly pouring sand. If you do not have skills in construction work, it is best to turn to professionals.