You will need
  • - building level,
  • pencil,
  • - hooks-mounts
  • roulette,
  • - drill,
  • - screws.
Mounting legs
Installing acrylic bath on feet is the easiest and fastest method of fastening of acrylic baths. This method is recommended by manufacturers of baths and so do the legs and all parts necessary for fixing are included in the package.
Screw the adjustable feet supplied, and with their help set the bath level to the desired height.
After the bath is adjusted to mark with a pencil the line of its contact with the wall.
Slide the tub away from the wall and measure the height of the boards. Stepping back down a distance equal to the height of the sides of the bath, swipe on the wall to the parallel lines already drawn. It is a line attaching hooks.
Attach to the wall with special hooks-fixing. Thanks to these hooks to the side of the bath will not cave in and move away from the wall. For these purposes, you can use a metal profile.
If desired, you can install a special screen that covers the space under the bath.
Install the bath on a frame of bricks
To use this installation method makes sense if, for some reason, the feet bath not included in the package. This installation method is considered to be more reliable than the setup on the legs.
Carefully make all measurements and build the base and walls of brick. The distance between the bottom of the bath and brick Foundation should be 1, see is Important to remember that this design should not interfere with the siphon. The access trap should be free.
Allow the solution to dry and put the tub in the void.
Use hooks-fixing in contact with the wall.
Use foam between the brickwork and the sides of the tubs and between the bottom of the tub and the base of brick. Type water in the tub and allow the mounting pins to dry.
Combo mount acrylic bathtubs
This installation method combines the two methods above. Use it to improve the reliability of fastening.
Initially, the tub is mounted on the factory legs. Then made a frame out of bricks.