Every Russian citizen has the right once to participate in privatization. At the moment this process is free, the Russian state Duma has repeatedly extended the time of privatization. However, the number of people willing to make your home private lands is not getting smaller. So if you decided to privatize the apartment, you have to have patience and gather a considerable set of documents. Conventional privatization takes about 3-4 months. In addition, it is possible to speed up the process by ordering urgent privatization. This process will last from 10 to 30 days. The latest version of privatization can only be provided on a paid basis. Difficult process should begin with gathering of necessary documents. So, for the privatization you will need: - copies of birth certificates of all minors who are registered in the apartment, - copies of passports of all adult tenants in the apartment - if the apartment was previously registered residents who died at the time of privatization, then you will need copies of the certificates of their death - if you are a military officer or a reserve officer, you must provide a copy of the identity card of an officer or a certificate from the military registration and enlistment office, - in case someone in the apartment residents changed the name, surname or patronymic, you need to provide supporting document to all registered in the apartment to tenants, you need to take help of that they did not participate in the privatization, - from the documents that confirm your right to the property of a particular apartment, you'll need: a warrant of social hiring, the passport of the dwelling, a warrant exchange, an extract from the orders - provide copies of receipts that confirm the fact of payment of utility services - in addition, you will need an extract from home book. This certificate is valid for twenty days - if any of the registered residents changed their place of residence from June 1991 to present, then you must provide references from all previous places of residence. Then go to the BTI, where you will take the floor plan of your home and explication. After the privatization of the apartment, where you lived earlier under the contract of social hiring, will now be your property. You will have the opportunity to sell, donate or bequeath the apartment.