When receiving credit cards in the Bank make sure connect Internet banking and mobile banking to your phone. You will receive an SMS and you will control the balance of your account, and all transactions by credit card. Using the Internet Bank you can through the Internet on the computer or on the phone to go to account and monitor your account. And when beyond the grace period, the Internet Bank is committed to follow the schedule of loan payments.
To use credit card in shops and in the terminal you vydatut envelope with the pin code. Do not write pin-code on the reverse side of the card. Make a note of it known only to you place.
When shopping in stores carefully follow their map. The card must always be in front of you. Check whether your card is given back to you. When entering pin-code, close the terminal arm from prying eyes.
Buy only what you really need. Availability of money on the card increases the likelihood of hasty purchases. Always remember that the money spent must be returned.
All credit cards have a grace period, during which it is possible to use money without interest. Try to keep within this period and you will save your money.
When you exit the grace period to return the money you will need with interest. Strictly follow the schedule of loan payments. Return the money amount not less than the minimum monthly payment. Don't forget that for late payment is charged a penalty for each day of delay.
When withdrawal cash at the ATM, remember that this service takes from 3 to 5 percent of the amount of the withdrawal. A grace period is not valid. This means that you get a loan and money needs to be repaid with interest.
Nobody pass card on time. When paying by card in cafés and in restaurants to pay for personally and do not let go with your card. The fraudsters to withdraw money from your card, the pin code is not needed. You can withdraw money using your card number, period of validity and the CVC code printed on the back of the card.
Do not use a credit card to make purchases over the Internet. Get another card. For this fit an ordinary debit card.
If you lost credit cards immediately call the toll free number on the card and block the card. Record this number yourself in the phone.