Check in Andexecute page "to Announce the new website." Enter the name of your siteand the window, enter numbers into a special box and click on the add button. That's all. If you did everything right, you will see the page that says your site is successfully added, and as we traverse robot, it will be indexed.
Register your account in Yandex, if you don't. You can learn more about how indexed your site, how many pages are in the search what links are on the website and other very useful information.
Open the page "Webmaster. Yandex". Click on the green button "Add site" and register. You will be asked to provide your name, surname and login. Use Latin letters. Once you have made the necessary data, click on the "Next"button.
Create a password in the next step of the registration, enter your email address and phone number. Enter the letters shown in the picture, and click "Register". You get to the page, where is says that registration was successful. Now, entering into your personal account, you are free to use the services of Yandex.
Check in Googleandroid page "Include your URL to Google". At the bottom of the page there will be two Windows. Enter in the top address window the website, and in the bottom comments or keywords. Click on "Add URL". The website added to the queue for indexing.
Add the website in "Tools for webmasters". With this service Google you will be able to learn about the problems of your websiteand about the history of indexing, inbound and outbound links, the time of visit to the robot, and many more useful information. Sign up following the instructions. Then add your website to the tools. The whole procedure is free and takes less than five minutes.