In order to place your site on Yandex, rather than on its free hosting please register on the website
To move your site files, better to use some file Manager, for example Windows Commander. After launch the file Manager looking for the button "Connect to the FTP server".
In the form fields will be empty, and in order to configure the connection, click on the "add" button, which brings up another form with the connection parameters.
In the Title field write the name of the website to make it easier to remember.
In the Address field(Port)" write the address of our server
In the "Account" write your username in the "people", which is also part of the domain of the website. For example, the website has the address login – Alex.
In the field "Password" enter your password for server login that you entered during registration. It is desirable to use symbols along with letters and numbers.
In the field "Local directory" set the path to the folder on your computer that contains the website files. Click OK.
Close the window of connection settings. Then in the connection window, you should see a new connection. Select it and click on the button "Connect". In one of the file Manager panels will be displayed the contents of the folder with your website files on your hard drive, and a second content directory of your site on a server in which there are files.
After the connection is established, you can upload files to the server by selecting them with the mouse and transferring from one panel to another, as when working with files on the hard disk.
After loading all files, you can go to the website, typing in the domain, obtained during registration, and if you managed to place your site on Yandex, you will see it in the browser window.
In order for your site to be displayed when search queries in Yandex, a special program needs to index it. For this you need to use the "to Inform about the new website" by clicking on the link, and entering your site URL in the dialog box.