How to register your site in Yandex? Yandex, like other search engines, there are many sections one of them is called "Yandex.Webmaster". This service is the link
To register your site in Yandex, you should first create an account on "Yandex.The mail, then go to created a login for the Yandex website, and navigate to the service "Yandex.Webmaster". On the main page there is a green button "+ Add website". In the field add a site enter the URL of the resource without the /index.html or /index.php. It is not necessary to enter each page separately, it is sufficient to register only the address of the site, for example,
After pressing the button "Add site", select an option for authentication to the site. Yandex requires that You prove the identity of the site, i.e. their administrative abilities.
The easiest way is to place the html file in the root directory of the website via the admin panel or via FTP. This file can be create using Notepad or download them by following the instructions on "Yandex.The webmaster". After placing the file on the website, click "Check out". If done right, You will see the inscription on the screen – "the Right to manage the website successfully validated".
It now remains to wait the moderation of the site Yandex. Check back every 1-2 days in the panel Yandex.Webmaster" and select "My sites". Once in front of Your website will appear the number of pages loaded by the robot, the resource will go in search of Yandex.