The traditional means of rats in the apartment or private house – cat. Buy the mustachioed pet and better female: sometimes cats are too lazy and don't like to catch mice and rats. If you're lucky the cat-a rat trap, you will quickly solve your problem.
Set the trap and put the bait – a piece of cheese or sausage. Disadvantage of this method is that rats are very intelligent creatures and often manage to get a treat without getting caught in a treacherous device. If the trap still work, you will have to remove from her crushed carcass, which is not very nice.
Stock up on different kinds of poison, lots of it, from the traditional rat poison to modern tools. They need to sprinkle in the corners and crevices, the places from which rats penetrate into the apartment. And drug Goliath will help to neutralize the smell of dead rats. But if you have Pets, this method is not suitable: they can become victims of poison.
Buy special rodent repeller. It is an ultrasonic device that emits unpleasant for rats sounds. As a result, they leave the apartment in about 2 weeks. Carefully read the instructions to the device. Specify the radius: you may need multiple devices.
If rats very much and to destroy them you have money, call the professional exterminator team of SES. They exterminate rodents in several sessions, using their methods.