The approximate startup time of the browser, depending on the speed of the computer and its load plugins 10-15 seconds. With a few simple steps, you can significantly reduce this time and also make your browser faster during work.
You can start by clearing the history of pages viewed. The history of the browser affects the start – up time each record has its own image, name and address. Over and over again to load all this garbage your browser does not just. Press Ctrl+H (hotkey set the same for all browsers) and delete all the items in the window that appears. Periodically, repeat this step or set auto-delete history after a certain time in the options of your browser. If you have never deleted the history, the performance increase will be very noticeable.
Then remove all cookies. Cookies are personal settings for each visited page. When you log on to any website, your browser automatically searches for personal adjustment among existing ones. This adversely affects the speed.Open the menu "Tools", select "Settings". In the opened window click on "Privacy", then click "Remove individual cookies". Cookies makes sense to remove that if you visit a large number of sites and return to them very rarely.
Remove unnecessary or outdated bookmarks browser. That you will reduce the load time of the browser by reducing your bookmarks file. Find the menu "Bookmarks" on the toolbar of your Internet browser and pressing the Delete key will remove the unused.
Look at the installed to your browser theme and plugins and remove the ones you rarely use or do not use. Open the Tools menu, select "add-Ons". In the opened window go to the tab "Extensions" and remove unused extensions. Do the same thing with themes and plugins. This will increase the amount of free RAM and reduce load on the browser.