In order to begin 3D modeling will require a number of special programs. First, it is itself a 3D editor. What – you choose. It is better to learn using video tutorials, be sure to repeating all that in them is shown. Secondly, you will need an image editor to create texture. This is the main program. Depending on the purpose for which you create a model, you may need converters, nVidia dds utilities or tablet for detailed drawing textures.
Opening the editor window, you need to submit a model or find an image that will serve as a model. In the latter case, at any stage of the work will be easy to check with the original and modify your 3D model to full similarity.
Do not be afraid, that the chosen model seems complex. Any 3D model is just a set of simple geometric shapes (primitives), arranged in a particular order and combination. The cylinder is easily converted into a chair, a rope or a throw pillow, a sphere – in the face of an animal and so on.
Once you mentally break the whole model into components of simple shapes, the process of modeling. Skills and experience come with time. The main thing – not to give up. Think first what figure is closer in shape to the portion of the 3D model that you want to create.
Having defined the shapes, create a shape and moving polygons, "Velebita" out of it what you need. One should not make too small pieces - they were awkward to work with. Easier to scale an existing model. But the proportions try to observe – just for readability of the whole picture entirely.
The finished part of the model can be built to move faster but don't try to group them together, or rotate in different planes, otherwise you will complicate the process of blending textures (unless you are going to use solid colors).
When all of the models are ready, they are a texture. Many will have to suffer a lot with texture coordinates, since this process is often very thin and hard. How imposed structure, depends on the quality of the finished 3D model. At this stage, to work with multiple parts of the model easier, it is so do not too early to merge.
After the superimposed structure, it is already possible to be part of the whole 3D model, rotate the pieces, merge the polygons, delete the excess faces (edges), merge group. Assessing the results from all sides, we can only "clean up" and smooth out the object, save it in the format you want and be proud of their finished 3D model.