Before you begin creating molds, prepare all the required work. Select the material from which is made the product. It can be a tin, aluminum container of beer or ordinary foil. However, the latter only in the case if the molds you are planning to bake biscuits, because to cut the dough it would be problematic.
Select the picture on the basis of which will create your masterpiece. This can be a picture from a children's coloring, your own sketch or even a photograph. Importantly, the image had a clear path, otherwise the mold will hardly beautiful, but cookies made with it, will resemble a pancake.
Prepare material, the basis for future molds. Take an aluminum can and cut it with special scissors so that it can be deployed. Straighten the material and divide it into strips with a thickness of two centimeters. In order to obtain a flat, use a ruler.
Take one strip and attach it to the picture. Then start to gently bend it so that it repeated the outline of an image. The better you will cope with this task, the better will be the finished mold. If it would be difficult to bend the material, use a pair of pliers.
Connect the edge strips with an ordinary stapler. Cookies, are usually made of shortcrust pastry, and it has quite a thick consistency and does not arise from molds, which means you should not be afraid.
Search for beautiful images in magazines and children's books, change the size and height of the molds. In short, don't be afraid to experiment: the more unusual will be the mold, the better.
The finished cookies put frosting or decorate with a special topping. Then, baking is not only delicious, but also attractive in appearance.