To begin with, remember that 100% is the integer part, and 1% is one hundredth of this amount.
Imagine you have to calculate the amount of deduction of income tax from your pay. Your salary, for example, equal to 40 000 and you need to find out what amount would be 13% of that number.
To see this, we need to divide the total amount by 100 and the quotient multiplied by 13. In practice, it looks like this: (40 000 / 100) * 13 = 5200. Thus, the tax deduction amount from your salary will be 5200 rubles.
The second easiest way is to multiply the total amount by the percentage expressed in hundredths, that is, 0.13. Thus, we get: 40 000 * 0,13 = 5200.
An even easier way is to use a calculator on the computer or normal office. Each calculator has a special key "%". Accordingly, in order to find the required number equal to 13% of 40 000, you need to enter on the calculator "40000", then press " * " (multiply), enter the percentage (in our case 13) and press the "%". Thus you will receive all the same 5200.
Finally, you can calculate the percentage in Excel – this option is convenient because we can assume the same percentage of the different numbers at the same time. Enter the cell number, which determine the percentage (40 000). In the cell where you want to calculate the percentage (it may be a neighboring cell or any other even cell in another worksheet in the same Excel file or another Excel file, enter the " = "sign, then click in the cell where you hammered your number, then enter an asterisk ( * ), then the amount of interest (13) and the" % " sign. Then press "Enter" and you will see the required number (5200).
You can also enter the desired percentage in advance to any cell putting in it the appropriate format (use the menu "Format cells -> Number -> Percentage"). In this case, your actions will be even simpler: in the cell where you want to withdraw the the given number, the number you enter the jam-Packed amount (40 000), press the " * " key, enter the location number where the specified percentage, and press "Enter". You get the desired number.