You will need
  • - towel
  • container
  • package
  • - tightly closing the Bank
  • - linen bag.
Cut mint fades very quickly. Therefore, if you plan to use the grass an hour later, it is better cover it with a damp towel.
If you want to keep mint in the not too long term, you can put the stems in a damp towel and put in the fridge, or put the mint in a container, cover with wet towel and leave in a cool place. It would save the mint a day at 3 to 4.
Pack mint in plastic bag, tie it firmly to the package did not get air, and put it in the fridge. This method will also save the mint life for a few days.
For long term storage of the mint can be frozen. Without removing stems, fold the mint into a plastic bag and put in the freezer. Mint, stored in such a way that you can use for cocktails, brew her tea.
Most often the dried mint. Better just to collect the mint for drying in late July – early August, because at this time most leaves of the plant are rich in essential oils and has a pleasant taste. Cut the mint stalks are harvested in bundles and dried in a shaded place, where it is not exposed to direct sun rays. Then rip off the stalks and buds, grind them and store in canvas bags or in jars with tight-fitting lids. As such, the mint is usually added to soups and stir-fries.
To not suffer with the storage of the mint, you can grow at home. Mint unpretentious, easy to propagate vegetatively. Take a leaf or part of a mint stalk and place in water. After a few days on the stem appear white roots. After that, the sprout can be planted in the ground. The grass grows very quickly, and when you rip her leaves are starting to custimise even more.