Vegetable oil is kept fairly long because of the packaging: in a sterilized container with a tightly sealed lid, it will retain its properties for 1.5 – 2 years. While the oil is best stored in a cool dark place and it is desirable to give preference to a glass container.
Sunflower oil for cooking is consumed rather quickly, especially if you used to cook for the whole family. So you can not worry about the safety of the product: store the open bottle of oil in refrigerator for about a month. Sunflower oil can be stored at room temperature from +5 to +20 degrees, however, put the bottle in a dark place: direct sunlight will ruin the product very quickly.
Take advantage of the popular recipes during storage of the oil. Buying sunflower oil in plastic bottles, just pour it in a glass bottle, preferably dark. Put on the bottom of the bottle a few raw string beans and add to the oil a teaspoon of salt. Tightly close the container lid after using the oil.
Olive oil loves heat and shade, and to put it in the fridge is not desirable. Ideal for storing olive oil is a kitchen Cabinet that protects the product from sunlight. Long staying in the light, the olive oil loses its beneficial properties, so do not leave on the table decorative bottles and sosnitsy with oilm
Try to check the quality of olive oil. A small amount of oil, place in the refrigerator before freezing. Only olive oil at a temperature of -7 begins to kristallizuetsya.
Less popular, but very useful food oilis linseed. The contained vitamins and essential fatty acids for vegetarians. Linseed oil is not made to fry foods: when heated, it becomes harmful. Linseed oil is suitable for salads and for cooking cold sauces. Store this product in the fridge!