If you're going to get noticed girls, it is of great importance on your appearance. And it's not about looks, but about the image as a whole. A man may have a sports figure, a manly face, but if he's wearing dirty pants, a wrinkled shirt, if it emits a bad odor, it is unlikely that the girl will pay attention to this character. Clean, ironed clothes, pleasant aroma, appearance give you a pleasant first impression.
Your confidence in your own abilities, attracts many women. It is associated with success, luck. A man who knows what he wants from life and stubbornly goes to his goal, attracts not only women but also other people around them. But do not confuse confidence with overconfidence. It is unlikely the girl will like it if you will to demonstrate his superiority over her.
Positive attitude, friendly smile can attract the attention of even the most unapproachable girl. To chat with a cheerful person is much nicer than the dull, boring and sad. If a man can laugh a woman, that is a huge plus. But to become a clown not worth it, because at first it can attract, but with longer acquaintance may cause irritation.
Women love with ears, so do the girl compliments, admire her. But overly praising the advantages of your ladies do not need, it can look dramatic and unnatural. Everything should be in moderation.
Be gallant. Take care girl, listen to what she tells you. So you show that you care for her. Today so few gentlemen, what is your behavior is for women surprising, but nice.
To impress the girl, having made some non-standard thing to do. In modern life, almost no place for the feat, so any of your original action can help win a woman's heart. And it is not obligatory to jump off the roof of the house. Even romantic evening in an unusual setting, or an unusual place will give your beloved a sea of positive emotions.
About your attitude towards women can tell a light touch. For example, gently take the hand, touch her shoulder, invite to the dance and it gently hug her waist. Only by doing these steps, follow the reaction of the girls, and if you see that she is not ready for this stage of a relationship, it is better to postpone it until better times. Persistent touch and invasion of her personal zone can destroy all that has been achieved by you previously.