First you need to remove the machine oil, which is usually coated cast iron cauldron manufacturers. Wash it from all sides in warm water, and then put on the fire a little more than average to hot. Be prepared for the fact that the cauldron will begin to smoke heavily. So it's best to bake it somewhere in nature. If you do it in the apartment, it is necessary to open all the Windows – if only the neighbors called the fire Department.
When the smoke dies down, pour in a cauldron vegetable oil – about 400-700 milliliters. Then slightly turn down the flame, let it be slightly below average. The cauldron must be heated. below its surface became slightly reddish. You can then distribute the oil on the inner surface. This can be done by slightly turning the cauldron. Be careful not to burn. If possible, hold the hot oil in different parts of the cauldron to prikalyvalo metal stronger.
When you have finished this labor-intensive procedure, leave the cauldron to cool. Then drain the oil and check for hot or even Kazan. If it is cold, wash it with water without soap and a good wipe with a clean rag. It's ready to use, you can start to cook real Uzbek pilaf.