You will need
  • lubricant from the manufacturer or Litol
In most models of drills are used lubrication from the manufacturer. Universal lubricant for any device can be called "Litol", which has a small cost and available in any electrical store. However, if possible, it is better to buy branded grease, but it will take more money.Brand lubricant is water resistance and prevents the penetration of moisture to metal surfaces, and it does not manifest corrosion. "Litol" in comparison with oils of known manufacturers of running long. It must be spread in a larger quantity than the brand of oil, which also affects operation of the device.Widely used grease MC-1000, which can increase the service life of the friction device. For reducer best suited lubricant Bosch, but it is quite expensive. A good substitute may be the oil Мetabo.
Most modern hammers have an appropriate compartment for pouring grease. Open the instructions for use of the device, and locate the point at which the scheme of the disassembly. Find tray for grease in accordance with the documentation.
Pour in the required amount of oil according to the instructions. In the same way close the tray of punch. Can get to work.
If necessary, lubricate the shank of the drill, which will be "Litol" or "Grease". If the holder of the device opened, that also lubricate the oil seal, after dismantling it. It protects the device from dirt and dust.
Lubricate the gear only in that case if the warranty is over. In some cases you will need to pick the tool that best done in the workshop. At home this procedure can result in tool breakage.